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Autumn Lawn Care

As the crisp mornings, shorter days and cool nights of autumn approach, it’s the perfect time to give your lawn a boost to help it look great and perform well through the winter months.

While the air cools around us, the soil retains warmth in autumn and your lawn is still active.

Rake it in

All plants, including grass need sunlight to grow. The reduce daylight hours in autumn mean that access to sunlight is reduced. If your lawn has an accumulation of leaves on it, the amount of sunlight available to the grass is even further reduced. Rake your lawn regularly and you will reap the rewards. Removing leaves not only allows more sunlight to reach your lawn but also allows the lawn to breathe, reducing the incidence of fungal issues as well. Leaves can be composted for later use on garden beds.

Mow it up

Setting your mowing height a touch higher in autumn and winter will provide additional insulation and protection for the lawns roots, especially in areas of frost. In addition, if you normally set your mower to mulch the clippings, consider using the catcher during autumn and winter as the reduce rate of clipping decomposition in the cooler months means the clippings act much like the accumulation of leaves described above, reducing airflow to your lawn and leading to fungal issues.

Weed it out

As the growth of your lawn slows during autumn into winter, weeds can seize the opportunity and take hold. Keep a close eye on your lawn, you may even see weeds, including the dreaded bindii plant, starting to shoot. Now is a good time to remove them manually while they are soft and green, or you can apply a chemical weed solution, but always check that any solutions are appropriate for your grass type.

Feed it up

Maintaining, and improving the overall health of your lawn will encourage strong root development, winter colour retention and greater resistance to weed infestation during the cooler months. Feeding it up with a slow release fertiliser specific to your turf variety in early autumn will ensure it has the stored energy and vigour to see it through the winter months.

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