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Grass Varieties

Turf Supplies Sydney

Advanced Lawn Supplies produce a range of high quality turf varieties to suit all residential and commercial applications and budgets. Whether it is a shade tolerant, soft leaf turf ideal for family backyards, an economical and self repairing turf, or a fine leaf manicured lawn you are after, we have the perfect variety for you. Contact us for a quick quote. We deliver across Sydney.

Matilda Buffalo

A great all-round grass, this soft leaf buffalo grows thick and lush. It keeps its colour in winter, is disease and pest resistant. Excellent for kids & pets.
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  • Excellent in shade
  • Resists disease & pests
  • Hardy but soft

Sapphire Buffalo

Another great grass for Sydney lawns. Shade resistant with good winter colour. Soft and tough, but with a thinner leaf than other buffalo varieties.
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  • Excellent in shade
  • Resists disease & pests
  • Hardy but soft

Sir Walter Buffalo

Sir Walter Buffalo is a lush broad-leaved turf variety with a thick, luxurious appearance that retains its signature deep green colour throughout the year.
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  • High shade tolerance
  • Weed and pest resistant
  • Low maintenance

Santa Ana

A fine leaf, warm season grass turf variety, Santa Ana thrives on sun and heat. Santa Ana has an exceptionally high wear tolerance.
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  • Excellent drought tolerance
  • Excellent hot weather tolerance
  • Perfect for full sun areas


The economical grass that grows fast. If you're on a budget and have a sunny yard, this is the one for you.
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  • Fast growing
  • Does best in full sun
  • Self repairing

About Us

Used on golf courses and playing fields, this is a drought tolerant, self-repairing lawn that does well in sun. Mow it low for a manicured look.
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  • Hard wearing
  • Drought tolerant
  • Fine leaves

Tahoma 31

Tahoma 31 is a soft dark-green lawn turf variety, with a fine leaf texture, ideal for creating a manicured look, and is suitable for residential, commercial and recreational applications.
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  • Drought tolerant
  • High durability
  • Low-medium mowing frequency

Lawn Products

The Pre-Lawn Starter Fertiliser provides essential nutrients to encourage stronger and deeper root growth, and maximise water absorption during the critical establishment phase of your lawn.
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  • Suitable for use with all turf varieties
  • Encourages strong root growth
  • Gives your new lawn the best possible start

How to order grass online

Measure the area you plan to cover

Measure the area before you order. Square areas are easy to measure and with the help of a few geometry formulas, you can estimate different shaped areas.

Choose the variety that would work best for your yard

Read our lawn summaries to work out what might be the most suitable choice. Shade, water, usage and aesthetics should be considered. Or call to discuss!

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